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For more than three decades, Banayote Photography has served clients in Indianapolis, and far across the country.

The Banayote team matches a range of photographic styles to assignments that include professional portraits, architectural settings, advertising, events and trade shows.

We deploy technologies that accelerate approvals and can facilitate immediate posting to social media platforms.

We are responsive, flexible, and transparent. Clients return to us year after year because of the strength of our work and the professionalism of our business relationship. We are a women owned business.

We are ready to work for you.

- Rob Banayote Photographer, Julie Banayote, Owner

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Highlights of My Career

Before I started my business, I was a corporate photographer for Melvin Simon & Associates, [now Simon Property Group]. I am proud that they are still a valued client.

I have covered many Conventions, receptions, trade shows, and a string of Special Events. Here are some of my highlights/favorites:

• Captured images of Indianan governors in office, from Dr. Bowen to our current Governor, Eric Holcomb. Mayors of Indianapolis, from Mayor Hudnut to our current Mayor Joe Hogsett.

• Pope John's visit to the United States, the city of St Louise

• Winning Driver of the Indianapolis 500 mile Race victory Lane for BorgWarner Automotive, starting with Al Unser

• Many dignitaries, VIPs"s, and celebrities have attended events I have photographed.

• I worked with LOC on the NCAA Final Fours, the Indianapolis Colts' 2012 Super Bowl victory celebration, and the NBA All-Star Games 1985 and 2024.

While I am happy to have worked at great events, what has carried my business for all these years is small- to medium-sized businesses. I look forward to working with you.

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What it takes to Create a Photograph for your Client?

Do you know the origin of the word ‘Photography’? It was created from the Greek root words “photo,” which means light, and “graph,” which means writing. As a photographer, you “write with light” daily to create stunning images [Quote from WIX Photography]

Great words; we do use light to create images. To quote Ansel Adams, [not his exact words]. You need three things to create a photograph: Subject, light, and composition. I wish this were so easy.

As a commercial photographer, the three dictate how you will get the shot when you arrive at a shoot. You must also deal with different circumstances in each frame you capture.

Okay, enough of the classroom talk. A true shooter will walk into an event or whatever they are capturing images of. They know the basics, but let us add that you have a client who has Agenda.

The client does not care about Ansel Adam's "3" tips on taking a great photo—"JUST TAKE THE PHOTO."

You can be the most talented photographer if you are [book smart]. You must be able to adapt, read a situation better, apply your skills as best you can, and make the shot happen.


Preparation for a photo shoot, What I ask a client:

• Confirm the start and end times of the event. Ask what time you need to be there. I arrive half an hour before most events.

• Get a shot list and go over it with the client. Make sure you know of any timely shots during the program/event. Is there any piro,confetti, etc? Any special request such as social media, press releases, [Shots you can not duplicate]

• Check with the client about anything that may disrupt your getting to the event. i.e., construction, special events, sporting events, etc., around the venue and parking. [I have my client pay for all packing and any costs you may occur when you get there]

• Anything out of the ordinary that may affect how you shoot the event, such as a dark room, bright outside light, or any restrictions that may alter your shoot.

• Get as much information as possible about your client and the event they hire you to shoot. [You can search the web for it.] Take Advantage of it!